Elnaaz Norouzi viral video link shocked Instagram users

Elnaaz Norouzi viral video link shocked Instagram users
Elnaaz Norouzi viral video link shocked Instagram users

Newsjawa.comElnaaz Norouzi viral video link shocked Instagram users. Social media users are again excited by the appearance of a viral video of Elnaaz Norouzi on his personal Instagram social media.

Elnaaz Norouzi uploaded a video of taking off his clothes in protest against the moral policy. Elnaaz Norouzi’s video went viral on Instagram.

Curious about what Elnaaz Norouzi’s viral video looks like on Instagram? The following is a complete review that Kawanpuan managed to summarize from various media reports.

Elnaaz Norouzi, is an Iranian-born actress and is best known for her role in the Netflix series titled ‘Sacred Games’.

His figure became the talk of netizens after uploading a viral video taking off clothes. She has joined widespread demonstrations of Iranian women against the country’s morality police.

In a video she shared on social media on Instagram, Norouzi stated that women have the freedom to wear whatever they like.

This is Elnaaz Norouzi Viral Video

In the viral video, Norouzi takes off his clothes one by one until he is shirtless. Throughout the video she places great emphasis on women having to wear whatever they want.

What Elnaaz Norouzi has to say is every woman’s personal choice, and no one should stop her. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from social media.

Norouzi wrote, “Every woman, anywhere in the world, wherever she comes from, should have the right to wear whatever she wants and when or wherever she wants to wear it.

No other man or woman has it. Right to judge her or ask her to dress otherwise.”

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“Everyone has different views and beliefs and they should be respected. Democracy means the power to decide.

Every woman should have the power to decide her own body. I’m not promoting nudity, I’m promoting freedom of choice,” she wrote on the side.

This comes after the ongoing wave of anger around the world following the death of Mahsa Amini, who was 22 years old, and was arrested in Tehran by the moral police.

When he was picked up on September 16, he was pronounced dead after three days. His death has now sparked a wave of protests around the world.

During the protest, women from all over, tried to express their disgust by burning their headscarves.

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