Promising Business in 2022

Promising Business in 2022

Promising Business in 2022
Promising Business in 2022

Newsjawa.comPromising Business in 2022. Promising businesses in 2022 are of course many and varied. If you are confused looking for a promising business idea to start a business in 2022? Don’t worry, TaniFund has prepared some interesting and potential business ideas for you to try. You can use these business ideas as references or inspiration to be able to articulate your business ideas into a mature business plan!

According to Forbes, an important trend analysis of business to do in 2022 is to ensure that you understand the purpose of the business. Also don’t forget to integrate it digitally to make it easier to find. Talking about business, of course, we are talking about investment with a definite return every month.

The pandemic has certainly changed the way consumers think about buying an item where consumers are certainly more dominant in switching digitally. A promising business is the execution of decisions that are carried out, so if you only often plan without action, of course you will be rivaled. But it’s a good idea before starting a business, make sure to do your best research. Well, before moving on, let’s take a look at the rows of promising businesses in the 2022 version of TaniFund!

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30 Promising Business Ideas to Embrace

Before starting a business, you must first find the type of product or service that is really needed by your target market. In addition, you must also ensure that you have the experience and ability to be able to develop the product or service business in a structured and detailed manner. Well, here are some promising business ideas that you can try!

FnB Business

FnB business ranging from food to beverages is a business that has high opportunities from time to time. In fact, according to data presented by Media Indonesia, the food business is one of the most stable and advanced businesses during the pandemic. Of course this is due to the ability of entrepreneurs to adapt to various technological changes. Here are the businesses you should try!

1. Coffee Shop

This one business is strongly influenced by the place and quality. Usually if you choose a place that is classified as strategic and is often used as a location to hang out. So, this coffee shop that you own can bring you a profit of at least IDR 1 million per day.

The thing that must be considered when owning a coffee shop is the interior design to the diversity of the menus in the coffee shop you own. Don’t forget to make your coffee shop a comfortable place to relax or focus. Lighting and a simple interior has actually become the main key.

2. Online Course

The more skills of course you become richer in personality. Well, it would be even better if every skill you have can be shared with those who need that knowledge.

Well, even this opportunity you can use to be used as an online course that can be useful to increase your financial coffers in the future. Holding an online course doesn’t actually require you to have sophisticated recording equipment, but you can use a cellphone to record the process of giving material.

3. Catering Business

Catering is a profitable business to do, especially if you are a housewife. The catering business becomes a promising business if it is managed with a team. This business must be managed carefully and can not be arbitrary.

Food is everyone’s primary need, so doing business in the food sector is certainly a promising business to be managed properly from the start. This catering business does have many types, ranging from healthy food catering to providing food for special events.

4. Frozen Food

With the integration of the food business industry with digital, this allows the food business to grow rapidly in terms of sales. According to Forbes, the current digital era has in fact proved to the market and society that the food business has the potential to grow rapidly with the help of digitalization.

Talking about food, one of the innovations that we can develop well is frozen food. Frozen snacks like this are easy to consume and light on the pocket. Selling frozen snacks can also generate high profits.

5. Beverage franchise

The business around food will never end, especially in the beverage sector. Talking about drinks, the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the packaging and the taste it has. Beverages are indeed a promising business because the capital required is not much. It’s just that the thing that needs to be ensured is the quality until the expiration of the product.

Drinks are currently one of the foods that always follow business and market trends. When you want to start a beverage business, just like a coffee shop, pay attention to the right location, the uniqueness of the packaging and the price that will be set per bottle. It’s a good idea to do some research first.

6. Food Stall

Opening a food stall can also be a promising business in the future because this is everyone’s primary need. To be successful in this business the things that need to be considered are location, taste and cleanliness.

During a pandemic like this, don’t forget to increase the visibility of your business. It is the same with the branding and reputation of the restaurant that is run. At least analyze well the potential of the menu that you can develop well.

7. Food Truck

This food business is considered quite efficient and does not require such a large capital to have to rent a place. It’s just that the cost of building a property to sell food is not cheap. However, having a food truck can make you more efficient because it can expand the reach of existing restaurants. Well, there are several other advantages if you have a food truck, you can get high exposure to your brand in various regions.

You also don’t have to pay high rental fees if you don’t park your vehicle and have the opportunity to take part in various events. There are various recommendations for food truck cars such as the Daihatsu Gran Max, Isuzu Traga and Toyota Dyna.

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Plants & Fruits Business

The promising business this time comes from foodstuffs where this is the main need for everyone. Processed plants and fruits can be used as a source of new business, from FnB to parcel decoration. Here are the recommendations for the promising planting and fruit business business in 2022!

8. Plant Seeds

The plant seed business is categorized into a business that can be managed by becoming a reseller. So you just need to get acquainted and establish good relations with the farming community. You can then sell various kinds of seeds, the price range of the seeds themselves start from IDR 30,000 per box.

The rarer the plant or fruit, usually the higher the price of the seed. Make sure the supply of plant seeds or fruit that is prepared is the plants and fruits that are being sought in the market. You can sell it online to reach a bigger market. Isn’t it interesting to be a reseller selling plant seeds? It will be more leverage if you understand some crops are fast to harvest and expensive when sold!

9. Juices & Fruit Salad

Juice & Fruit Salad can also be a promising business to run. If you have a shop in a strategic location, the juice business can certainly bring benefits. Now to prevent the juice from rotting, you can process it into a fruit salad.

Fruit salad business can be better if you can maintain the quality of the fruits properly. For that, if you have a fruit business with a model like this, you need to pay attention to the physical, texture and smell of the fruit properly from the start to fill the fruit stock.

10. Parcel

Now talking about juices and fruit salads, of course, parcels can be one of the services that you can also provide. However, if you find that you are reluctant to stock up on fruit, you can sell parcels online. So you don’t have to stock up on fruit to avoid any losses that can occur.

Parcel is a business that is quite needed, so dealing with this service is indeed what is needed only in certain events. So, the solution to running it is you can market online using advertisements or provide various attractive promos to the community.

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