A Rare But Needed Business Opportunity In Indonesia

Needed Business Opportunity

A Rare But Needed Business Opportunity In Indonesia
A Rare But Needed Business Opportunity In Indonesia

Newsjawa.comA Rare But Needed Business Opportunity In Indonesia. In today’s era there are various business opportunities that can be done. If you want to build a business or business then it takes ideas and creativity.

That way, the business you run can be accepted by the target market because it suits their needs. Business or business can be done by anyone so this opportunity is wide open.

On this occasion, we will discuss several business opportunities that are rare but urgently needed in Indonesia today.

List of Rare But Much Needed Business Opportunities

If you want to try to jump into the business world then you can try some of the following businesses. Below is a list of some rare but urgently needed businesses or businesses.

Healthy Food Catering

Keep in mind that catering for healthy food menus is very much needed today because many people want to start a healthy life starting from adjusting their diet.

Many people are starting to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet so that the nutrition of food and the number of calories consumed by the body can be balanced and fulfilled.

But sometimes the problem is that they cannot prepare their own food menu due to various activities. Therefore, the healthy food catering business is a very appropriate business opportunity.

Many people need healthy catering for their menu. Usually, the target market that requires healthy catering is office employees and school children.

To open this business is also not difficult, only with a small capital and the ability to cook alone can open this profitable business.

Content Creation Services

In today’s digital era, the development of online media is very fast. There are various things that were originally done conventionally, now switch by utilizing various available media or platforms.

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Content creation and editing services are one of the rare but highly needed businesses in Indonesia. This business is often referred to as a content creator, for example, such as celebrities, Youtubers, and so on.

In fact, little by little people are getting into the world of content creators and getting a lot of profit. When their followers start to grow, they usually need editing and content creation services for their pages.

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But when you want to start a content creation business, you need to master certain skills. Some of them are graphic design, SEO techniques, knowledge of the marketplace, video editing, social media, and so on.

Place Rental Services

If you want to try a business or business that is rare but much needed in Indonesia is a place rental service. It is undeniable that today many people need a room or place for various activities.

This place rental service can take the form of various things such as photo and video studio rentals, futsal fields, badminton courts, and others. To determine the type of rental service business that you want to build, try to adjust it to what is most needed by the community around you.

This business is quite rarely glimpsed, but in fact its existence is very much needed. It should be noted that to open a place rental service, of course, requires a large amount of capital.

You don’t need to worry because if the business strategy is right, the profits generated are not kidding. Try to choose a strategic location so that it is in demand by many people who need it.

Goods Rental Services

One of the businesses or businesses that is very much needed in Indonesia but rarely found is goods rental services. Few people think of starting this one business. Even though the existence of this business is really needed by the general public.

If you want to run a business, try starting a rental service. There are various types of goods that can be rented, such as car rental services, camera rentals, outdoor needs rentals, baby equipment rentals, clothing rentals, and so on.

Choose one type of item that can be used as a rental business. Try to choose the type of goods needed in a certain period of time.

However, if you want to run this business, you need security to ensure the safety of the goods rented by customers, such as identity cards.

Wedding Organizer

If you want to try to open a business, try running a wedding organizer business. It should be noted that this business is a rare business but it is very much needed by the community.

This business is very promising because the wedding ceremony will always be in the midst of the general public. To assist in the implementation of the wedding on the D day, the wedding organizer has a very important role.

The success of this business is determined by team cohesiveness, relationship with vendors, and attention to detail. Although the capital to run this business was initially quite large, the profits generated were much greater.

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Especially when your wedding organizer services are already well known, so many people will recommend others to hire your wedding organizer services.


That’s a discussion from Union Logistics about some of the rarest but most needed businesses in Indonesia. Currently to run a business is certainly not difficult because you only need to see something that is most needed by the surrounding community.

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