Update Massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak depicts male and female playable characters

Massive GTA 6 gameplay video

Update Massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak depicts male and female playable characters
Update Massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak depicts male and female playable characters

Newsjawa.com – Recently, social media was stirred up by the leaking of information about GTA 6 gameplay video, which in the circulating video describes characters that can be played by men and women.

Rockstar’s next portion in its Great Burglary Auto series could be one of the most expected computer games in presence, and another implied break could offer us our best check out yet at GTA 6. The stash of information, which PCGamer found by means of a GTAForums post by the supposed programmer themselves, contains exactly 90 recordings of clasps from the game, with troubleshoot code and connection points running and aiding back up the veracity of the cases.

Strangely, the programmer (who goes by ‘teapotuberhacker’ on the GTAForums) likewise claims to be the individual liable for the new Uber hack, and says that they got the video by accessing a Rockstar worker’s Leeway account — which is a similar MO for Uber’s gigantic break.

The actual breaks show up either genuine, or fakes made with such a serious level of scrupulousness and realness that they have prevailed upon what was at first an exceptionally suspicious GTAForums part crowd.

Different clasps from the break portray both male and female hero characters, which fits with different reports about what’s in store in the approaching game. They likewise show interactivity occurring in a Miami-simple fictitious city, again matching early reports about what GTA 6 will bring to the establishment.

It’s significant that these recordings probably show a more seasoned form, which some sign they could be from around 2017. The game has been allegedly being developed starting around 2014 (GTA 5 initially sent off in 2013) so it would be sensible to anticipate that improvement depictions should be from different forms throughout the long term.

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Recently, Rockstar moved the credits from GTA 5 and GTA 5 Web-based on its site, naming the page ‘Thank You,’ which many took as a sign that it was slowing down dynamic improvement on the long-running and much-extended fifth portion in the series to zero in additional straightforwardly on the impending spin-off.

We’ve contacted Rockstar proprietor Take-Two Intelligent yet didn’t hear back right away. We’ll refresh this post with more if and when they answer.

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